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We all might have observed people in movies playing certain roles as a character, similarly, we also do the same. In the midst of every situation, we play a role as a good friend, partner, colleague, or as an individual hero to our own selves. There was a famous quote that “Most successful people have lived by and we want you to step your journey ahead with the same” quote by Ayesha Siddiqui


The highlight of this topic which states your individual role play lays emphasis on the role you will play in the corporate world in your workplace. What role will you play in your workplace?

 The best lessons strive to teach you about long-term growth and success, where your success and growth begin with working on the smallest habits of your daily life. In order to win big and become a great business tycoon, you need to give up on instant gratifications and start with keeping yourself organized. You need to sense the bigger picture of success and then put your foot in the door.

People generally make plans for their careers keeping the end of the year appraisal in mind, in other words working for rewards and recognition. Let me ask you a question, Don’t you think that if you become the person you wished to stay with, play the role of that person you wish to be 10 years from now and then play that role, don’t you think success, rewards, and recognition will be positioned itself in your life. So don’t be just career oriented, rather strive to play the role of the individual you wish to become.


The core fundamental of this journey starts with detaching yourself from the fruitive results as the outcome instead of loving the process of this journey, exploring the best opportunities, and enjoying the process.

Let us understand through an example, visualize you are attending the Sales and operation meeting in an organization, so you are also one of the representatives of that meeting. There are certain departments:

  • Sales function who want to do massive sales
  • There is a supply chain management
  • Procurement department
  • Production team

Now, if the sales team just emphasizes getting the stock, it’s just a short-term self motive of the sales team. On the other hand, suppose you are in the sales team and you try to figure out the reasons why the supply chain is struggling, what are the changes happening in the pricing, the procurement of raw materials and dig on finding out the reasons for diminishing functioning of the entire organization.

Now when you step on to observe and understand the problems, you’ll lend the solutions and make things work out. Likewise, if the production team asks for the plan of production activities and then just ends up for their KRA, that doesn’t work. The entire organisation is like a boat and the contribution of each and every member will direct the boat in the right direction to achieve favorably and a worth watching destination.

So cooperation is required in every sphere of life, because of the approach of every individual the organisation is going to succeed and win big.People who grow while helping others always ted to succeed the highest. So, you would be facing ups and downs, success and failure because life is a roller coaster ride whether in the corporate world or in your personal life as well.

When things don’t work out as per your expectations, don’t be disheartened because better things will come your way in unexpected ways, its a journey wherein you may encounter several moments which make you feel sad, happy, nostalgic and eventually lead you to become a better individual. In these tough situations, don’t forget the ethics who built upon, your attitude even in the worse situations will define your ability to pursue your achievements.

When you lose in some phases of your life, you can just accept it as a lesson, get back to your journey of learning, focus and just be consistent. So, what matters is what you believe about yourself. If you have a higher purpose in life and are willing to incorporate that faith to walk through even in difficult situations. What matters is your self introspection. Your ability to stay calm in the most uncertain moments of life, would help you sail through this journey of life at more ease.

In life we might deviate to the quadrant of urgent work, but if you are working on high importance quadrant which is not so urgent you may be accomplished with better result by the Productivity and efficiency you put in. When something becomes really urgent we need to manage with that work at the very moment and we might lose our productivity but when the tasks providence to us are just important then we should make sure we devote our best efforts towards accomplishment of the given task. So your fundamental role  will inspire everyone around you by the role you are playing.

Let me take you through this beautiful poem ‘Move fast’ written by Catharine Pulsifer:

When you are feeling down
And all you can muster up is a frown
That is the time to stop
And count your blessings until you drop.
Focus on all of life’s good
And you will find things work out as they should
Feeling sorry and just sitting around
It is a sure thing to bring you down.
Take some action, make a move
It doesn’t matter if others approve
Nothing lasts forever
You will move past this if you endeavor!

You might face instances where the negativity takes over your positive mindset but don’t you worry, you just need to pause for that moment and really introspect and reflect within yourself, understand the problem that makes things worse and swap it with a  solution. The only way to overcome the over darkened days which we all face in our lives, is to actually heal by feeling those moments. We grow in the toughest moments of your journey and so when you feel uncomfortable, don’t worry because life is going to take you to a  better place soon.

So Through this blog I am trying to share with you the idea to succeed, it is not just being in the same role, it would be temporary and would be evolving. It requires a lot of patience, being in the journey, making people happy and  serving selflessly. Trust me the results and the acknowledgement will come, it’s sure to be there. Always invest in yourself throughout your life, in order to grow in your life water the roots instead of working for short term gratifications. Happiness knocks on your door when you change your perspective towards yourself, your life and the world around you. The moment you start being grateful, serving selflessly you would find yourself at a better place in life.

So, keep being inspired, I would come again with more new motivational ideas and guides, till then keep playing the role and remember we humans are more than a role. So, try becoming the best in whatever you do, nourishing yourself throughout the way.

Thank you.

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