Winning Attitude ….A Must In Sales

Written by: Ajay Saraf
About the author: Senior Vice President, Panasonic Life Solutions



If I may  start with the literal meaning of ATTITUDE it goes something like as follows

“Attitude is purely one’s state of mind which is related to his/hers belief system, the values, and also the emotions and further to it the tendency one has to act and behave in a certain fashion. One’s attitude reflects how a person reciprocates, thinks, and feels in a given situation at hand ”.

There are two main types of Attitudes

  • Positive Attitude 
  • Negative Attitude 

A person with a Positive Attitude does not care about the impediments in his life and basis the requirements they nurture and hone their skills and overcome the difficulties that come in their way. They are not cribbers.

Some of the traits that a person with Positive attitude carries are Confidence, Happiness, Sincerity, Determination, Candor.

On the other hand, a person with a Negative Attitude always ignores the good things that they have or are happening in their lives. They will only think about the issues and the pain points and ensure that the same overshadow the good ones. They often find a way out of tough situations by running away from it. They usually compare themselves with other persons and always find a bad in them only. A person with a negative Attitude is a carrier of Doubt, Anger, Frustration.

The best example which fits in completely during these days of Pandemic is two sets of people, one who is totally dejected because of the devastation COVID has inflicted including the loss of jobs and opportunities. At the same time, we have another set of people who talk about opportunities because of the manufacturing shift that is happening in China by most of the MNC’s to countries like India because of the same pandemic. They are quite optimistic of the opportunities it will bring which can turn out to be stepping stone towards India becoming the manufacturing hub for the world and why not, and which may eventually lead to prosperity in days and months to come Here the external environment in both the case remains same but the response to stimuli is different which is nothing but your ATTITUDE. This is an example which is running circles and you are amazed to see different responses to the same problem.

To me, Attitude is the ONLY THING. “Attitude It is a little thing that makes a BIG DIFFERENCE” Winston Churchill. And as quoted by Zig Ziglar, an American author, and a motivational speaker who has aptly described the power of it in the following quote. It goes something like this …

“It is your ATTITUDE, not your APTITUDE, that will define your ALTITUDE in your life  whether it is on the personal or professional front”

If you want to succeed in life, nothing is more important than winning and a positive attitude. It has been found that Winners always carry a great attitude along with them. Now if we talk about Sales stream customers like to buy from positive people who have confidence in what they are selling and help their customers enjoy the buying process. It has also been observed and proved that the customer while making a sale looks at the confidence and the Positive attitude of a person who is pitching the product or the concept. This acts as a stepping stone towards building the trust which is a game-changer in almost all the sales that are closed in favour. Let me also tell you that a product in the value chain comes much after on the priority list for the customer. People do not want to be sold but for sure they love to buy and own. Having a positive attitude it will improve the relationship, make you happier and lead to success.

In sales, I am sure you would have certainly come across a situation not once but umpteen number of times where everything about your product and sales process, seemed so right; which was further corroborated by excellent product quality, right price points, apt sales presentation pitch, buying audience, and suitability of the product to soothe buyer’s pain points and yet deals were not closed in our favour.  In business as well, one’s attitude determines whether customers buy from you or not.

With a positive attitude, you are able to exude the bright side of life that makes your personality likeable and acceptable.

As far as I have experienced it, there is no way a salesperson with a positive attitude will expect a failure not to talk of accepting it. This I am sure is being witnessed in our respective teams in the organisations we work for. It is kind of ubiquitous.

Even though there may be failed attempt(s), it will be seen in the light of generating useful feedback for improving business sales process or product itself which can turn tables in successive sales closures and that is where the Attitude plays a pivotal role in the whole process. Interestingly, a salesperson with a positive attitude always expects the best to happen and they are constantly winning sales and creating benchmarks.

All I can say is that a Positive Attitude in one’s life is a tried and tested ticket for a bright and a fulfilling tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Winning Attitude ….A Must In Sales

  1. Absolutely inspiring and healing words for many people who are going through tough time in present situation where people have lost jobs and r fighting for survival without their fault.
    I want your opinion on” luck “ , does luck play any role here or do u believe that situations are influenced by good or bad luck! because people talk about good times and bad times.
    Thanks for writing such wonderful blog, I really admire it.

    • On Luck, One can create opportunities ( Which is called Luck) by preparing yourself to grab when present. One can increase probabilities by developing right network, investing in relationship and Knowledge. Without this even if you are lucky to have opportunity but cannot capitalise on it.

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