Get PERS Stay Safe

Your personal safety is a general recognition and avoidance of possible harmful situations or persons in your surroundings. More than 80% of us have faced personal emergencies in our lives at some time or the other. While most of us take responsibility for our personal safety, the Law of Self Exception “Nothing will ever happen to me, it will happen to someone else” syndrome gives us a false sense of security. Protecting your personal safety revolves around preventative thinking, taking sensible precautions and being aware of your surroundings. There are simple ways to improve your personal safety on a daily basis: most of which only require common sense or following good safety practices.

One of the new categories of Life Safety Services which is now getting globally popular is PERS (Personal Emergency Response Services). Demand for PERS in the global market is fueled by the trend towards Home Based Healthcare with the active participation of Private and Government Players, Mental Health disorders like Dementia, Alzheimer, Child Safety, Pet Safety, Baby Boomers, and Roadside Safety. Ambulance Services, SOS support in emergencies, Counselling Services, especially after Covid-19 and other personal safety needs.

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What comes first Demand or Distribution? A Perennial Dilemma For FMCG Companies.

It was 2015, I was at Chandigarh sitting in a plush office of Mr Juneja. Mr Juneja was the promoter of a hair oil brand Kesh King. The brand was launched somewhere in 2008 and within a short span of 6-7 years attained a turnover of Rs 250-275cr. Mr Juneja believed that it was beyond his means to scale it up further and therefore had put the brand up for sale commanding a valuation of Rs 1800- 2000 cr. It was amazing that a brand worth 250-275 cr could demand such high valuation. But such was the brand strength that all the major FMCG companies were ready to pay that price. (Finally Emami bought it for close to 1600 cr).

So, I was sitting in the conference room which overlooked the cabin of Mr Juneja. Mr Juneja was busy meeting with some people and we were told that they were large distributors who had come seeking distribution of Kesh King and guess what, they all had hefty advarice payments ready with them. I was quite stunned to see the brand power. Typically for a strong company like Dabur, finding a decent distributor was never easy. Here I was sitting witnessing something magical, distributors lining up to take up distributorship. On further inquiry I was told that there are a lot of areas where distribution is indirect through wholesale and for those areas Mr Juneja is finalizing distributors.

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Consumer Insight: A Sure Way to Convert Good Advertising into Great Advertising.

A few days ago, I got a message reminding me to recharge my DTH account. While I was recharging, I realized something startling. My package had some 400+ channels. What an amazing amount of clutter.

We live in the age of clutter. Reaching a consumer was relatively easy in 80s when you had one TV channel, few newspapers and a couple of radio channels.

Today there are more than 600 TV channels, 400 Newspapers & Magazines, 300 Radio channels, Omnipresent OOH, 10000 Cinema Halls beaming more than 40000 ads per week. All these ads are full of clichés, benefit clichés (e.g.- all shampoo ads have same benefits being promised to consumers), technology clichés, range clichés, promotion clichés, making them a blind spot in consumer’s mind. Misappropriation of brands is the biggest challenge that a brand manager faces today.

So, the challenge is how can advertising create an impact in consumer’s mind and be persuasive enough leading to purchase of the brand.

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The Beautiful Game of Soccer & Sales – An Intriguing Take

I have been since time memorial mesmerized by the game of soccer. It’s such a thrilling experience watching a fast paced, action packed soccer game. In almost 90 minutes flat while watching the game, one can enjoy the game and also pick up so many valuable lessons in Sales Management. There are several common touch points that the game and sales per se share in common; it’s absolutely enticing. A few key attributes are jotted as under:

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Fret, Fume Or Fly: COVID-19 Is Here To Stay

As the COVID -19 pandemic continues spreading across the globe, it has brought together the world of the unknown and a flurry of uncertainties. Its apparent now, the whole universe is in the state of unprecedented crisis; the magnitude and scale never ever witnessed in the history of mankind.

In the panel session on “Crisis &Everyday: The Role of Physical Security in a World of Change” in Genetec’s Virtual Tradeshow, Connect ’DX, the Principal &Managing Consultant of The Brekke Group, Brad Brekke emphasized just how complicated the pandemic’s effect on the security industry is. “This is a unique challenge,” Brekke said. “This is a biological risk, and it’s unknown — there is lack of data, not just for the security industry, but for the world. There’s a lot of uncertainty as we navigate this, and we’re being challenged in a way I’ve not seen before.”

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Mapping customer journey as important step before you plan your go to market

The consumer journey to picking up your brand is not a straightforward process of eye level & buy level anymore, which means that no more does it involve only being present in the retail and blasting the media out with the brand hard-selling proposition. Consumers are evolving and the information overload because of the digital world the complexities are increasing by the day, It involves many explorations over the net, checking with friends, experts, word of mouth, the influence of peers, media, and other touchpoints that the consumer visits. It is essential that the brand engages the consumer at all these points to drive him towards the moment of truth where he or she feels the real urge to pick up your brand.

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Alignment Of Marketing & Sales

By industry definition; sales has to sell and getting numbers is their KRA; getting more profitable business is Sales KRA. Marketing on the other side is responsible to create that demand, the hype and the pull for enabling sales. So who calls the final shots? Who is more powerful? Marketing or Sales?

An Expectation of sorts

Marketing expects sales will give them all the credit for their success viz. improved revenue and profitability to Marketing and the reason for failure as “their inability” to sell effectively. Sales expects marketing will build the brand so strong that customers will queue up to buy the product. Marketing will ensure that we get 100% “qualified leads” that will help sales guys to close more deals. This is true in every situation whether its BFSI, FMCG, Automotive, IT ar Consulting. Marketing is supposed to be the more glamorous role of sorts with “corporate” location and functions; while sales is the classical “feet on street” role where you meet real people and real consumers.

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Industry 4.0, Its Challenges and a Sellers Perspective

Covid-19 scenario has helped the industry realize the benefit of going Digital. Last 5 to 6 years there has been this wave or hype around Industry 4.0. Primarily we see the application of Digital technologies to enable industry 4.0. Most companies have been toying with the idea of using digital technologies to enable operations excellence. There have been 100s of pilots and a few implementations where the companies have reaped the benefits of using digital for Improving yield, quality, and overall OEE, thereby improving profitability. Now is the time where everyone has decided to board the industry 4.0 journey and every manufacturing company big or small, process or discrete, automotive or chemical, electrical or foods, pharma or oil & gas wants to do it ASAP.

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Be The Role Model, You Needed When You Were Younger

We all might have observed people in movies playing certain roles as a character, similarly, we also do the same. In the midst of every situation, we play a role as a good friend, partner, colleague, or as an individual hero to our own selves. There was a famous quote that most successful people have lived by and we want you to step your journey ahead with the same quote by AYESHA SIDDIQUI:

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