Mobile Wallets – Are they relevant today?

Shashank Joshi

Written by: Shashank Joshi

About the author: Chairman Sagacious Programming and Development Pvt Ltd.│Ex CEO MoneyonMobile

A digital instrument that converts your Mobile phone into a device for carrying out financial transactions can be defined as a Mobile Wallet. Technology evolved from a fixed line phone to a cordless phone to a mobile phone and that got us thinking of how we could add various services to this device and found replacement to various services that were restricted to a desktop or a hand held camera……

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Showbiz During Pandemic – A Media And Entertainment Perspective

Dr Sharmila Banerjee1

Written by: Dr. Sharmila Banerjee

About the author: CEO at Green Chillies Motion Pictures | Founder and CEO -IWLF | The Leadership Consortium

Create a synergistic marketing environment where the CMO and CXO/CCO can collaborate to create the best customer experience

The COVID-19 pandemic began at a time of increasing global economic vulnerability. There were already genuine concerns of falling consumption levels and investment alongside rising unemployment. Brexit and the U.S-China trade war hadn’t helped and there was a palpable sense of uncertainty…..

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Test of Resilience and Communication

Shalini Gupta

Written by: Shalini Gupta

About the author: Innovative Product and Marketing Evangelist | Ex-VP Brand Head Inox, Lokmat | Ex-CMO Reliance Broadcast | Regional PR & Brand Head – Bharti Airtel

Most of us civilians have grown up hearing stories of bravery while our soldiers have braved the enemy facing them at the front. This pandemic has probably shown us at every step how it is fighting a battle at our doorstep, in our locality, protecting our loved ones and for the 1st time probably gave a sense what really is the experience of our soldiers at the front……

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Consumer Insight: A Sure Way to Convert Good Advertising into Great Advertising.

Praveen Jaipuriar

Written by: Praveen Jaipuriar

About the author: CEO at Continental Coffee Pvt. Limited | ex- Head Marketing – Dabur India Ltd

A few days ago, I got a message reminding me to recharge my DTH account. While I was recharging, I realized something startling. My package had some 400+ channels. What an amazing amount of clutter. We live in the age of clutter. Reaching a consumer was relatively easy in the 80s when you had one TV channel, few newspapers and a couple of radio channels……

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Code RED

Abhijeet Mukherjee2

Written by: Abhijeet Mukherjee

About the author: Ex. President & CEO – QDigi Services, Hindustan Unilever, Coca-Cola, Eicher, Aircel, General Electric Company &

Developing & executing a 360-degree Marketing (below the line) plan for an internationally renowned Beverage Brand. This resulted in marketing leadership across all the Beverage Categories.
Let me call this Brand – “Brand X”

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Decoding Shopper – Consumer Dichotomy

Tuhin Ray

Written by: Tuhin Ray

About the author: CEO, Malbros Group (Africa) | Vice President, Future Group (India) | Vice President, Aditya Birla Group (India) | Business Head, Spencer’s Retail Ltd (India) | Leadership Role (more than a decade) in Sales, Consumer and Customer Marketing, Colgate- Palmolive (India)

When we speak about the market dynamics and the consumption behaviour, there needs to be a deep understanding about the difference between shopper vs consumer. Generic marketing will draw upon consumer insights that relate to the perception of the product and the likeability of the product depending on product attributes.

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And you say it again and again and again…

Arpan Basu1

Written by: Arpan Basu

About the author: Director Communications at Coca-Cola India and South West Asia

Existing empirical research confirms that there is a positive relationship between reputation management and development of corporate houses. Corporations have long since realized the importance of managing the reputation that will sustain their advancement in the age of competitive business management….

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Secrets of an International Assignment

over three decades of experience in Marketing & Sales in industry sectors ranging from transport fuels, lubricants, entertainment and FMCG. He has worked in global markets across 5 continents, and currently works as a Senior Vice President in India

Written by: Ashish Kothari

About the author: Ashish Kothari has over three decades of experience in Marketing & Sales in industry sectors ranging from transport fuels, lubricants, entertainment and FMCG. He has worked in global markets across 5 continents, and currently works as a Senior Vice President in India

Have you ever wondered why we only ever hear the term “Non-Resident Indian”, and not “Non-Resident any-other-nationality”? Perhaps there is a technical answer deeply embedded in India’s complex tax laws. But viewed from another lens, this group does merit a dedicated terminology. After all, they do constitute by far the largest group expatriates resident abroad! International assignees are a major sub-group of NRI’s, and the subject of this article….

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Service Champions Don’t Cut Corners!

Ashok Jaiswar

Written by: Ashok Jaiswar

About the author: Group Head Marketing and Corporate Communications – Greaves Cotton Limited and Ampere Electric

“You sell it and they may forget you, You serve well and they may remember you always.”
This has been a source of great inspiration for me as a Sales & Marketing person working to create great memorable experiences in the lifecycle journey of customers….

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Organisational Coma

Business leader | Motivational Speaker | Former COO, CMO | Current Country Head – Greenply Industries

Written by: Subir Palit

About the author: Business leader | Motivational Speaker | Former COO, CMO | Current Country Head – Greenply Industries. He has over three decades of experience in marketing in consumer electronics and building materials industry

Marginalisation of smart employees at workplace, specially freshers (new joiners) with more knowledge capital and wisdom has been prevalent in the past and continues even today due to feelings of self-doubt and jealousy of those in current leadership positions as they are perceived as threats.

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Vuca world mandates everyone to think like a leader

Madhumita Manna

Written by: Madhumita Manna

About the author: Director/Head Marketing – OTC , Center of Excellence (Emerging Markets), Working with a Pharmaceutical Giant

Sushmita Sen once said Change is the only thing which is constant, this led to her winning the title of “Miss Universe”.
The past five – six months have changed the trajectory of everyone’s life and once again proved that change is the only thing that is constant in the continuous evolving world or should we call it the VUCA world……….

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Packaging: A True Salesman

Sanjay Gupta

Written by: Sanjay Gupta

About the author: VP (Packaging Development & Procurement),DS Group│More than 30 years of experience in the field of Procurement, Packaging & Product Development

Packaging is the art, science and technology of wrapping, protecting and showcasing products for consumer centric, commercially viable manufacturing, distribution, storage, movement, sale and use with ease for ultimate satisfaction and delight to consumer…

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Effective Sales team can create great synergy with BTL campaigns


Written by: Debasish Satpathy

About the author: Vice President at Schaeffler India – Head of Automotive Aftermarket

What’s next? A key question by garages, workshops, and automotive retailers. Mind space of customers is further cluttered in the current situation. In any case, there were topics of BS VI impact, Electronics proliferation in Vehicle components, E-vehicles repairability in aftermarket, E-commerce disruption, Technical competency (or lack of it), ability to compete with OE backed service stations etc occupying the mind space of aftermarket intermediaries.

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Internal is the New External

Minari Shah1

Written by: Minari Shah

About the author: Director-Public Relations at Amazon India

Once upon a time, communications had distinct categories, most specifically internal and external, and it seemed never shall the twain meet. Back then, Internal comms was somewhat infra dig, a poorer cousin to external communications. I recall in my first comms role, I spent maybe 20% of my time on internal – it was what someone did at the back-end, maybe produced some newsletter, put some articles up on the intranet, sent out some emails……

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