Work-Life Challenges And How To Manage Them

Written by: Ashish Goyal
About the author: P&L Operations | Strategic Business Planning | Operations Roadmap

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In this article, we are going to look into the difficulties and the challenges a normal employee faces during their day to day job-life and we are also going to add few key points on how to manage it efficiently so that we can tackle those challenges with ease.

In this world of deep throat-cutting competition, standing out from others is a must to survive. Unfortunately, it is very hard to keep up with the constant work pressure without loosing our sanity. Managing the pressure and adapting to the new, challenging experiences is a hard to master skill. What you must do in these situations is to change the attitude and the approach towards those hurdles. Here are few helpful things you can implement in your day-to-day life to manage that pressure.

Creating a Straight and Simple To-Do-list

Best way to make sure that you are not falling behind the schedule is to create a list of all the objectives you must fulfill in a day. This gives us the visual representation of those tasks and is beneficial for the overall productivity. Even I’ve found it very helpful having all the tasks on the screen, and as we clear the objectives we have achieved, it gives us a sense of accomplishment and also boost the morale to ace all the remaining tasks. One other benefit I want to mention is that it’s a stress reliever. Sharing this list with your team can also help to increase the effectiveness and build the potential in your team.


Planning your work objectives in such a manner that gives you the control over the things is essential. If not done carefully, it is very easy to get distracted from the main objective and you will find yourself feeling crushed under the pressure and making radical decisions.

Priority List

Placing the objectives that are most important and may require the urgent attention to the top of the list is a very good practice to follow. Sometimes, identifying which tasks to complete first is crucial for the overall project, especially in big projects because many small follow up tasks are based on these urgent tasks and will save a lot of your time. Eventually, you will develop a habit of handling the urgent issues first and will make things easier as you go on.

Take a Break

Of course, you don’t want to get all worked up and left feeling burnout. This happens more frequently because of overwork, constant pressure, etc., and it affects us mentally and emotionally. This may not sound like it, but taking a step off from work and just enjoying the moment is essential for one’s mental wellness. Physical exercise is a great way to relieve tension and stress, it also boosts physical and mental energy and enhances one’s well-being.
You can always count on your dear one’s to help you in these moments so take a break, clear your head and be ready for the next challenge

Be organized

Not everyone thrives in a Chaos. It brings fatigue, depression, and what not. On the other hand, those who are actually well organized in their life are tend to be restful, restorative, and have lower stress levels. Being organized is a great way to deal with most of the life problems we face. As in terms of Teamwork, making a clear plan and following it gracefully, making a clear purpose and an improved communication will make a teamwork a dreamwork.

Expectation Vs Reality

Well, most of us are trying to achieve the ultimate goal, and that is to get the product out on the table without any miss but this is easier said than done. Having a clear and ambitious goal in your mind but with respect to the reality is always highly appreciable from the stakeholders. Overcommitting to the stakeholders is something you want to avoid. If done and you could not achieve your promise in the given time, it will only add the unnecessary stress on you that you were already trying too hard to remove. So, get the clear instructions for the results and convey your possible outcomes transparently with them. This will lead to the better communication and overall a much bearable thing.


There is nothing more important in the world than your Health, not even your work. Remember, you are replaceable at Work But not to your Family. Take care of your body and it will take care of you. Here are few things I’ve found useful.

  • Hydration: There is no drink in the world better than water itself. Dehydration leads to many internal diseases so you want to avoid it at any cost. Keep you body hydrated.
  • Caffeine: Coffee might be your best friend at late night work, but too much of anything is a hazard. If consumed too much, it can lead to many sleep related issues so be careful before consuming that 10th cup of the day.
  • Alcohol: This is a no brainer. Alcohol in any form or proportion is bad for your body and as well as for your mental being. Once addicted, the way to recovery is brutally hard.
  • Sleep: Nowadays, people are underestimating the benefits of good sleep. They think of it as a waste of time. Well, they couldn’t be more wrong. Getting a good night sleep is the best way to reset and take on the new day with a fresh mind. Going to work half-asleep will only increase the trouble for you so don’t cheat with your sleep.
  • Exercise: A healthy body means a Healthy mind. Physical exercise will not only help you with your physical appearance but also boost your confidence, giving you the sense of courage to conquer any challenge.
  • Food: There is a subtle connection between Food and your Mood. This may sound a little exaggerated, but what you eat has a deep impression on your thought process. Having an improved diet helps you improve your emotions, helps you to calm down and think more clearly.
  • Me Time: What’s the point of all this hassle if you can’t have a nice Me-Time for yourself. Life is short, live it fully. Find a hobby or something you enjoy doing in your free time. You can always spend your free time with your family.

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