Get PERS… Stay Safe!

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Written by: Pramoud Rao

About the author: Ex- Promoter and MD of Zicom Electronic Security System Ltd/ Business Mentoring / Security / SaaS/ PaaS / AIoT

Your personal safety is a general recognition and avoidance of possible harmful situations or persons in your surroundings. More than 80 % of us have faced personal emergencies in our lives at some time or the other….

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Don’t be the Manager Or BOSS But a Leader of the New Generation : For Success as Manager/Sr Manager in Sales & Marketing


Written by: Sabyasachi Satpathy

About the author: An Automotive (Tyres, Batteries & Lubricants) Sales & Marketing professional having more than 25 years’ experience in India & GCC. Currently working in GASCOL as Business Head for Saudi Arabia & Bahrain operations

A Manager or a BOSS leads a team, so naturally, he is a leader of his team. However, in the business management sense, both of them have a different approach in getting their team to achieve the Business objective, Sales Target & overall development of the company……

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Power of Influencer Marketing


Written by: Ashok Jaiswar

About the author: Group Head Marketing & Corporate Communications – Greaves Cotton Limited & Ampere Electric

In digital first economy, consumers have multi fold increased their search online before stepping into the physical retail world. Their search spans from discovering the product, reading reviews, watching videos and relevant content on Social media & brand websites……..

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Sales and Marketing make good career choices


Written by: Krishnakumar Ramanathan

About the author: VP & Country Business Head – LDA Siemens Limited India.

This is a choice which young professionals often have to make – should they take on a Sales or Marketing role? Or should they stick to Strategy, Design or Technical functions? This hesitancy exists because Sales and Marketing aren’t the ‘coolest’ roles, nor are they the ones that get most noticed by the management……..

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Written by: Manvendra Singh

About the author: Africa Business Head | CEO | Commercial Director | National Head | P&L | Go-to-Market | FMCG | Dairy | Leader | Mentor

We all might have observed people in movies playing certain roles as a character, similarly, we also do the same. In the midst of every situation, we play a role as a good friend, partner, colleague, or as an individual hero to our own selves.

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Competency Framework for Sales Team


Written by: DP Mohanty

About the author: DP Mohanty has more than 25 years of work experience in Sales & Marketing both in India and International Markets and has experience in Consumer Durables, Lubricants and Building Material Industry. Former CEO & Member of Board at Alaf Ltd, and currently works as Executive Director with the Madhvani Group.

Two fundamental questions that I have always encountered throughout my career are as follows:
How do we understand competency?
What is needed to become a more competent Sales or Business Manager?

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How to Sell Comb to a Bald Person


Written by: Anurag Awasthi

About the author: Sales Head at SORIL Infra Resources Ltd. (An initiative of Indiabulls Group)

In the last decade of the 20th Century, When I was in college and contemplating my future career prospects, I wanted to explore a lot of new avenues, Apart from secured government jobs, MNC’s were the new entrants who were offering fat salaries and exciting job opportunities……..

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Rules of Persuasion – Objection Prevention and Objection Handling in 2021


Written by: Tariq Jarrar

About the author: Group Executive Director and Co-Founder of Devmark Group – Dubai. United Arab Emirates

Learning to overcome objections is a critical part of the sales process. You have to respond in a way that alleviates the prospective buyer’s concerns and allows the deal to move forward……..

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