Enterprise deal koi bakri ka bachcha hai jo daude aur pakad liya – Musings to Seal an Enterprise Deal

Pankaj Pipariya blog - Copy

Written by: Pankaj Raj Pipariya

About the author: Sales Director, ZingHR (Cnergyis Infotech Pvt Ltd)

Cricket is considered a gentleman’s game. Still often it is said that the real game is played off-ground between the two ears. It is required to work on thoughts and feelings, before action on the ground…….

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Rules of Persuasion – Objection Prevention and Objection Handling in 2021


Written by: Tariq Jarrar

About the author: Group Executive Director and Co-Founder of Devmark Group – Dubai. United Arab Emirates

Learning to overcome objections is a critical part of the sales process. You have to respond in a way that alleviates the prospective buyer’s concerns and allows the deal to move forward……..

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