Making Things Simple


Written by: Dr Shreekant Vijaykar

About the author: Director of Asia Operations at COPC Inc.

Consider that you have to buy something for yourself. Say you are looking for one of those work-from-home chairs. Sitting in your current, wooden chair is getting rather uncomfortable. So you give a quick scan on the net, find some interesting options, and then try to purchase one that was rated well……..

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Prospecting in a Cluttered World And (The Lost Art of Telephone Prospecting)


Written by: Tariq Jarrar

About the author: Group Executive Director and Co-Founder of Devmark Group – Dubai. United Arab Emirates

In this part of Prospecting in a Cluttered World, I will cover the anatomy of telephone prospecting.
“Every single time you pick up the phone, you’re getting closer to a yes.” Stephan Schiffman……

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Should Customer Service Professionals be Worried about “Customer Loyalty”?


Written by: Rajib Chowdhury

About the author: Business Head – Consumer Durable Service & Revenue

I had a colleague who was a die-hard fan of Thums-up. We used to travel together a lot. But I never saw him coming out of a Dhaba or roadside restaurant in disappointment since there were no Thums-up available……..

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Digital Marketing in Healthcare


Written by: Dr. Maya Sharma

About the author: Global Medical Director (Win Medicare, Modi Mundipharma & Signutra) | Ex AstraZeneca, Abbott, Philips

“Pharma Marketing is not my fancy, I want to work in FMCG sector, which has enough space to accommodate my creative juices, speed for the adrenaline rush, competitive intelligence inputs to keep me on my toes” – expressed my marketing colleague………

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Why Engineers Should Get B2B Sales Experience!


Written by: Krishnakumar Ramanathan

About the author: Vice President – Sales (Transmission) at Siemens Limited.

This article is for all young engineers considering a stint or career in B2B sales functions. There are a number of misconceptions usually attributed to Sales and Marketing (ref. above image). This is probably because the impact of sales is felt across any organisation and sales professionals are more visible……..

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