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How I will and aspire to spend the first year as the Marketer

Written by: Tanya Gupta | Vidwaan Voyager 2020 | B.Com (Hons.)/ PGDM General | Chetana’s Institute of Management and Research, Mumbai

The piece of writing depicts how I will and aspire to spend the first year as the Marketer.

Marketing is a field which keeps one on their toes whosoever opts for it. A student who opts for Marketing, he/ she is ready to thrive hard and face substantial amount of hurdles plus rejections.

I will be a marketer on face but will spend the first year by being a salesperson. As the saying goes, a salesperson can become a good Marketer.  I will try to brush & hone my negotiation skills. I will try on improving my communication skills so as to scale up the habit of luring potential parties/ customers.

The very first thing a Post Graduate does after grabbing a job is to experiment or we can say, practically apply all his/ her learnings in the job. I will grasp practical insights from the Industry adepts who have there in the industry since very long. It would become the need of the hour to comprehend the norms, rules & regulations for the organisation I would be working for as an important asset.

The first year would be very strenuous as a person unearths many new facets of how to go about the daily operations in an organisation. I will try to be on my toes and diligent enough so that new opportunities come knocking my doorstep.

It would be difficult for me to make an efficient work- life balance. It would take me a couple of months to get used to the regime. Surely, it takes time to inculcate a habit within oneself.

I will learn to manage my time in the most efficient way because in that way I will be aware of the number of hours I have been productive and vice- versa.

I will make sure that I spend the first crucial year of my professional life very productively. I will be on my toes to learn everything new which seems to be beneficial or fruitful to me.

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