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A first-hand experience of an MBA student who is passionate about Marketing!

Written by: Rutvi Mehta | Vidwaan Voyager 2020 | PGDM IMC | K.J.Somaiya, Mumbai

Rutvi Mehta BlogWell, who thought marketing was not just “How to show-off” your product? When you start going into the depths of what marketing actually is, you realize it is way more than what meets the eye. Not aware about this, I joined Marketing Communications because of 70% interest and 30% coolness quotient. Marketing is the new cool, is what I thought. Going further deep into it, I realised that it’s not just about Branding, or showing people how good your product is or the 4P’s. Marketing is so much more, and that is what made me fall in love with it. I realized that I was more than happy that I chose to be a Marketer.

The First Year? It isn’t easy, but nothing is! Apart from the hundreds of traditional jargons, commonly used marketing techniques, learning what companies have been doing all this while, I started thinking on my own of tricks, solutions, branding techniques and a lot more once I got even more interested into it. The case studies, the projects, the real-life information about brands, the promotions and the pricing, and a lot more. Yes, as all things go, it had its boring parts too; like market research, the facts and figures, etc.

You will be fascinated with the number of segments marketing consists of. Just to name a few, there’s digital, outbound, inbound, search engine, traditional, buzz, stealth, affiliate, partner marketing and a lot more. You realize how important marketers are in any company you name. If you think you can be just a “Marketer”, you’re wrong! Being a marketer, needs you to handle or at least incorporate financing, sales, human resource and in fact every team a company consists of, along with being a Marketer. The first year ended so fast. I couldn’t even begin to explain how exciting and amazing it was.

You must remember though; the Consumer is your God!

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