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Marketing is all about “First impression is the last impression”

Written by: Minal Paresh Valani | Vidwaan Voyager 2020 | MBA | RPIMS College                    

David Ogilvy the “Father of Advertising” says that “Best ideas come as jokes and make your thinking as funny as possible.” this is the best mantra I follow till today in my life. So not only marketing even life becomes easy!

My first year as a marketer was really interesting and great learning experience. Being an introvert girl and pursuing marketing was relatively a ice-breaking thing to do, but passion makes it possible. I transformed myself into being confident and interactive person.

However, things took time but nothing is impossible. I became more enthusiastic and interesting person around everyone! (Well even I was amazed) As I became an interactive person, I realized that I possess a good communication skill and can make people smile that motivated me even more. Bravo! But I also realized that I had to learn a lot and learning is a never-ending process.

Learning experience in first year was great as I got exposed to a lot of branding strategies, The way each and every company maintains relations with customers, how they promote their product, Gaining knowledge on products, strategies, promotions, on how to target audience, decision making skills, how to wow your customers, data-driven skills and 4Ps created a good base.

I started working in building my creativity skills, well not all of us are born with great skills so it has a simple answer “develop it” and that is what I did. I started working on it through watching various company’s strategies, branding, promotion and advertising tactics.

During my first year I worked on few presentations, projects and were given certain activities which made the year pretty enjoyable. Activities such as designing a logo and tag line for an entrepreneurship cell, creating an advertisement from a given scenario, making creativity out of newspapers. Last but not the least my heart exploded when I heard we were told to form an innovative business plan presentation! Although it was a difficult task, but not to forget it was a fruitful experience too which indeed expanded our knowledge.

So, first year as a marketer made me think differently, work differently and helped me in learning about myself in a better way!

Stay funny and stay positive.

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