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My journey through first year as a marketer

Written by: Yogesh  Veling | Vidwaan Voyager 2020 | MMS 2019-2021 | Chetana’s R K Institute of Management and Research, Mumbai

COVID19 !!! PANDEMIC !!! RECESSION !!! MBA !!!…These are the words which have scared the world right now. IMF says this is the worst economic downturn since the great depression, April World Economic Outlook projects global growth in 2020 to fall to -3 percent. In such times millions of people are losing their jobs and incidents like this change the conventional approaches to business all around the globe. I feel lucky to be a part of such an important time in the middle of my MBA program because this gives me an opportunity to witness the changing business scenario in the market.

Yogesh Veling BlogAfter 2 years of gap post engineering, my MBA journey started at the end of September 2019 instead of August, nearly two months of delay due to the admission chaos. My admission process involved 3 admissions and 2 cancellations. Finally, I got into Chetana’s R K Institute of Management and Research for MMS program. College was short of time to have an induction program, other activities and started with regular classes. As I have stepped in a professional college after 2 years, it’s been an exhilarating experience to attend MBA classes and to have a company of peers with various backgrounds.

First semester has been an introduction to every domain of the business, HR, Finance, Marketing, Operations, etc. Microsoft Excel as a value-added course was very beneficial. The professors are one of the keys to success as they share their rich experiences and “what not to do” notes. My college has tie ups with research agencies and EdTech companies that help us to gain some extra knowledge of the current scenario. “The Challengers “, an annual sports event in my college was one great team building activity which I witnessed. Working as a group helps a lot to achieve the difficult job in a much easier way.

The second semester started just after we were finished with our first semester. The companies were visiting campus to offer summer internships. One of the best parts of the MBA program is giving presentation to professors in front of the whole class. It is one of the best jobs that I like to do during this course. The class tests score never really mattered to me, what matters to me is the knowledge of the subject and smartness to apply it at the right place and at the right time. It’s been 2 months at home now and online courses have become part of the MBA.

The tough times like this never lasted long and it shall pass soon. It is the human will power that came always victorious and the economy will be back on its feet soon.

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