My First Year as a Marketer

What is it like to have the first year as a marketer

Written by: Saloni Singh | Vidwaan Voyager 2020 | MBA 2nd Semester | Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology, Allahabad

What is it like to have The first year as a marketer when everything around you is obscure? I started my marketing career amidst the Covid-19 and here are some insights from the experiences I had.

Saloni Singh BlogIn accordance with the saying, “We do everything for the first time once”, I also got the priceless opportunity to put myself into a marketer shoes for the first time. It was in the first year of two year MBA program when I was handed over an assignment which required me to develop a Marketing Mix (i.e. Set of tactics used by a business concern to promote its brand or product in the market) for different types of products (i.e. Convenience, Shopping, Speciality and Unsought Products). Though, it was very basic to dive into the world of marketing, yet fascinating. And thus, began the pursuit of knowledge in Marketing.

After, learning the ever-intriguing concepts of marketing like segmentation, targeting and positioning (popularly known as STP), KAANO Model, Ansoff Matrix, Inbound Marketing, Emotional Intelligence and many more alike concepts and case studies, it was finally the time for deployment of all the theoretical learning.

In order to earn real-world experience and insights that enables me to put everything I’ve learned into action; I took up a summer internship at a marketing and sales consulting firm. The internship provided me insights of how a marketer tries to contribute the most imperative information for business and plays an indispensable role in business development. A marketer’s job cannot be defined with a set of rules and it is thus very situational in nature.

As, I mentioned above, my first year of marketer is atypical, the reason being the unprecedented outbreak of a virus. Yes, it is the time of COVID-19, when everything around the world is remodeling the way it functioned half a year before.

And, very obvious to the other consequences of the pandemic, marketing strategies are required to change on the fly, yet the basic marketing concepts remains intact to make intelligent marketing decisions. And as, Digitization is on peak and everything around is taking a leap into its digital phase Marketing revamped itself into more vigorous Digital Marketing. Activities like Search engine optimization (or SEO), Search engine Marketing (SEM), Content marketing, Video marketing and many more flabbergasting approaches surged up.

Marketing is now more of a data -driven activity. Understanding Analytics has become a new essential for a marketer.

In the very first year of my experience as a marketer, I have witnessed this breakthrough transformation which encourages me to nurture my curiosity in field of marketing.

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