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My first year as a marketer

Written by: Nisha Singh | Vidwaan Voyager 2020 | MBA Student (1st Year) | Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, New Delhi (IIFT)

Every year when June happens, happens the advent of Mangos in the market, Monsoons in the weather and entry of tens of thousands of fresh graduates in a business school.

Three years ago, as an engineering graduate straight out of college, I had a dream. With everyone around me going for an M. Tech or an MS, I had a different plan and had set up my mind. I wanted to be a marketer. Now as I open the IIFT final offer letter in my phone repeatedly, I realise my dream is about to come true.

I entered with lots of expectations and dreams, and then comes the first couple of months in a b-school. They were critical for me in two ways- first I realized that I have it in me to work like a robot and survive on MPS (minimum possible sleep). Though initially it seemed as similar to a ragging but this was much needed course of action to make me accustomed for the coming months in a B-School.

Second of all is the fact that I’ll be sitting for my summer placements two months into the course. As much as I would have heard that having a good profile does give you an edge while being shortlisted for the most desirable companies that’ll hit your campus, the fact is that it does. So, all I want was to make it count.

Few days before the summer placement process, I indulged myself in researching about the kind of companies and profiles that are usually offered in summers in my college in general so that I could be in a much better position of deciding if I want to sit for their process rather than just apply to any company haphazardly.

Once I was placed my task was to understand the management concepts and try to apply whatever I learn in the real world. So, I started taking part in as many competitions as I could. Honestly, it benefited me in a way that I could have ever imagined. Those 6 months transformed me as a manager and as a person.

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