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10 best ways to market the consumer like me

Written by: Rakhi Mundhada | Vidwaan Voyager 2020 | MBA-I (Marketing) | Indira Institute of Management Pune

To attract consumers for buying the product is the essential key to every business. The market consists of different kinds of consumers. So, there should be a properly designed strategic plan to meet consumers needs and demands. Well, purchasing decisions of consumers like me heavily depend on the quality of products or services and magnificent customer service. If a got satisfied with the product and services, I would also refer the products and services to the others.

Here are the 10 best ways to market the consumer like me:

Identify Target Audience

Detecting the users of your products and services will help you to meet your potential buyers. This provides a good start for your business to introduce your products or services to the consumers. From there you get a clear idea about what are their problems and needs, what exactly they are trying to achieve.

Introduce Your Product

To introduce your products or services foremost thing is to determine the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of the product. The uniqueness of the products or the services help company to stay different in the market. You can do by placing ads, emails or  by meeting physically with the customers. Right person, right price at the right time is the perfect value proposition.

Explain Features

The future is something which your product or service offers and helps consumers to know more about it. Before purchasing any product consumers always focus on the feature of the product. For example, if a cell phone is providing all benefits, but missing some particular feature buyer switch to another brand if is present in the other competitors model.

Explain Benefits

Consumers focus more on benefits instead of products and services features. They heavily care about the benefits that deliver after the consumption of the product. Always emphasize the benefits the benefits of the product or service while introducing it and update your products and services when new or additional benefits are desired by your customers.

Reminds Through Email

Once your customer show interest in your product or service reminds them through emails it also helps them to take advantage of a special offers. Reminder email gives you an opportunity to marketers to develop the communication and relationship with your consumers.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is a giant platform to connect with your customers. Now-a-day 97% of marketers are using social media for selling their products and services. Even customers are also active on social media. It helps to create brand awareness, increase traffic, and to promote your products and services. It can get your brand very quickly and easily in front of the people.

Direct Calls

Direct calls give you the opportunity to promote and make the appeal of your products and services direct to the customers who have more needs. It also helps to build a relationship with customers. It not only helps to build a relationship, but also helps to know more about your consumers and their expectations and demands.

Nurture Customer relationships

The more you know your consumer, more you will be able to develop relationships with them. Try to gather maximum data about your consumers, it will help you to create a detailed profile of your consumers’ needs, preferences and characteristics. Create a consumer’s persona, it is very helpful for building and nurturing relationships with the consumer. Consumer persona includes information on demographics, behavior patterns, motivations, challenges, and goals. By delivering the right information to the right customers at the right time will also increase consumer loyalty. Word of mouth and recommendation helps business to grow at a higher rate.

Offer Discounts and Free Delivery

People mostly prefer to buy products or services for sale. Offering discounts for a limited time period will attract consumers to buy that product or service right away. This leads to an increase in traffic and sales. Discounts play a crucial role in attracting people to your store or platform. Offering discounts also help in gaining new consumers and to retain an existing customer. Free shipping also attract consumer to buy the product and services because it leads to decrease their transportation cost.

After Sales Service

After-sales service helps companies to maximize customer satisfaction and customer retention. The success of the company does not only depend on the products and services of the company, but also how the company delivers after-sales service. It includes various activities and processes which ensure that whether the consumer is satisfied or not with the product. It also generates loyal consumers and increases brand value. A satisfied consumer always brings new people, which ultimately increases the revenue of the company.

Take Feedback

Taking feedback from consumer helps to ensure whether the product or service actually meets their expectations and fulfill their needs and demand. If you want to stay ahead in this rapidly changing market, you should always listen to your consumers and ask them for feedback whether it is positive or negative. Positive feedback helps to increase consumer satisfaction whereas negative feedback helps to do necessary changes in products or services.

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