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How to market a product or service keeping yourself “the marketer” in mind

Written by: Abbas Masalawala | Vidwaan Voyager 2020 | Post Graduate | Christ University

As the new era of the so-called generation Z or Gen Z arises and changed the world, so has to marketing. The blog is about how to market a product or service keeping yourself “the marketer” in mind.

Every people in the world are consumer of mostly all the product or service except only one that is the business in which they operate. The marketing of the products starts by knowing the consumer, their need and how the product or service satisfy their need.

In today’s business era the no of option to a particular product or service available are huge, and so marketer tries different ways to think about how they can market their products. One way is to keep yourself as the customer, and think how to market the product to you.

People says only you can know your true self and nobody knows you better than you. When we mix these two concepts of knowing the customer and and people knows themselves, we can market the product to the persons like us with a great success ratio. In this blog I am going to share some suggestions like how to market a product and what t keep in mind while marketing to a consumer like me who belong to Gen Z

The ten ways to market to a consumer like me are

Product has to be attractive

Being attractive is an important feature that a product has to have to come int consideration set a consumer like me. That likeliness that comes from the first look at product has to be there for a consumer like me.

Word of mouth approach

A consumer like me doesn’t get confidence over the product of the company till they get hear about the company or product from the public and that to positive words.


The product or service has to be one of itself. The product must have uniqueness that no one of our competitor offers.

Sell experiences, not products or service

Gen Z like me aren’t interested in hard sells. We have grown up with the internet and are immune to obvious marketing campaigns. No, we don’t want to hear about why product is so amazing there are many like similar offering in market. But we want to know how it will benefit us or more specifically, what experience will your product bring to us that the competitor is not giving.

Digital marketing

I am socially active person who is always on the social media platforms scrolling down the feed and if you want your product to be in my consideration it has to be present on social media. It also a way to see what people thinks about it through reading the comments and review.

Influencer suggestion

In today’s time each person is influenced by some other like each person has some one in mind like whom they want to be and even if they don’t want to be like them, they like them. And even I follow some people whom I like and a product marketed by them comes under my consideration.

Associate myself to a community

A consumer like me would like to associated to community that a product offers. So, if there is community created by company for a product and service and its is also marketed, it would make greater impact on consumer like me

Social media contest

One of the coolest ways is to engage customer into a contest and after the interaction in contest market the product or service to the customer with benefits associated to the contest.

Event hosting

The Gen Z population are extroverts’ people who like going out to events, festivals gathering etc. and these events or festivals can be the best way to market products or service to the customers.

Exclusive preview marketing

This one way of marketing is also popular and trending in today’s time. In exclusive preview marketing, the new launched products and services are exclusively previewed and offered to the existing customer who are very loyal to the company. This marketing can take the form of an online preview, a private pre-launch party, or a special invitation to test out your latest service. These exclusive offers to customers like me will make them feel good and keep them coming back.

So here are some ways that can be used to market product or service to a consumer like me who is young, enthusiastic, gen Z population, tech savvy. Through this a best marketer can convert a person like me to one of their loyal customers in market.

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