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10 ways to market to a consumer like me

Written by: Samrat Gaikwad | Vidwaan Voyager 2020 | MBA | Alkesh Mody Institute of Management

Nurturing relationships with your customers is a crucial part of growing a successful business. In this age of automation and innovation, caring for your customers has never been more important. Here are 10 ways to   make me as a customer to fall in love with the business.

The first and the most important factor I would consider is the respect for the customer from the business organization. The way they treat their customer and admire them.  They should always make us feel valuable.

The second factor is the company should listen to what I want to say i.e. they should listen to what the customer is talking about and give feedback accordingly. Customers are the lifeblood of any business. If you want your business to grow and stay healthy, you need to listen to whatever input your customers give you in their customer feedback. If they come to know you’re not listening to them and valuing their input when you don’t try to implement any of their suggestions then that will tell them that they don’t really mean much to you.

The third factor I would like to add is the support given by the company to me. Online as well as offline support of the company is mandatory. Customer support is very important to gain trust. Whatever you can do to provide excellent support and service on a consistent and ongoing basis is a worthwhile investment. A high quality support service will help improve customer satisfaction and increase customer retention rates.

The fourth factor is how they keep me updated and alert me for Large Scale Changes in the business. They must keep customers in the know when it comes to positive and negatives changes to your products and services that affect them.

The fifth factor would be the Company should Be Transparent – Honesty is Crucial When it comes to Mistakes. They should not hide their flaws. Always keep the customer updated. Also, customers actually reward transparent large and small businesses — even when what that transparency reveals is less than positive. If there is a problem, be honest with the customer and let them know where the problem lies so that they become more understanding of the problem. Most customers will be more accepting knowing the truth rather than an excuse.

The sixth factor is that they should Follow Up on Promises. They should be able to accomplish what they have claimed to the customer .As business depends on how well and how consistently you put your customers

The seventh factor is that the marketers of the organisation should be able to Identify Customer Expectations on point, without this they have no idea what to do. This will also help them to target their strengths. Also nowadays Customer expectations are going to vary from person to person so making sure that your company is versatile enough to identify different expectations is crucial.

The Eight factor is that they should Put Customer Service as Priority Number One. If they want to establish a healthy relationship with the customer. This will help everyone to connect with each other on market basis. Make sure that you are always checking up on how your customers are feeling about your services and ensure that you provide adequate training for all employees this will nurture the business environment as well.

The ninth factor is that the customer care people should be able to Manage Unhappy Customers Correctly. Being able to win a customer back over will help them to build up brand image better. This will make the customer happy and help to regain the trust of the customer. As much as really excellent customer service experiences go viral on occasion, accounts of bad customer service can do a lot of damage, even if they don’t go viral. This erodes the brand loyalty program, and damages customer retention rates, it’s very difficult to come back from a truly significant screw-up.

 The tenth and last factor would be they should make the customer Feel Good and Appreciated. Making the customer feel like they are family keeps the customer attached to the brand. The customer would always prioritize this kind of brand over others .Also stay humble to customers , Humbleness shows in many different ways and is a trait that just about everyone admires and can stand behind. Staying humble also lets you enjoy the smaller victories that many larger business sometimes look over.

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