Nutan Sarwade

My first year as a marketer

Written by: Nutan Sarwade | Vidwaan Voyager 2020 | B.E Civil /MBA Marketing | JSIMR, PUNE

As a new marketer, I realized that marketer has to learn different skills. Marketer should have creative nature. Marketing profession is challenging and day by day it gets harder and that the fun part, I keep learning.

At the beginning, I get to analyse myself, learn from others and do my best. There are various types of marketing such as traditional and digital marketing.  In that I prefer digital marketing. In digital marketing, email marketing, social media marketing Facebook marketing, Content marketing, Network marketing, SEO, etc. So, I plan to work as digital marketer. Now a days there is huge scope for digital marketing and each & every company focus on digital marketing.

In the initial period you have to work very hard. The reason is that, in 2020 the scenario is totally different from past years. So, I have to learn new techniques to be a good marketer. From my experience, you should work on you, showcase your skills, get good basic knowledge, clear concepts about marketing field.

Buying and selling are considered as sides of a same “coin”. Marketing and sales differ greatly, but they generally have the same goal. Selling is the final stage and marketing includes 4 P’s – Product, Price, Place, Promotion. A marketer requires a diverse set of skills to be successful.

Marketers and sales folks are great friends and depends on each other to be successful, but we have to different responsibility. In Marketing, target area is a key aspect. Every marketer faces different challenges. As a marketer we have to greet well and respect your clients/ customer. Being active on social media can be incredibly effective way to approach various customers.

The more productive you are the happier you are And of course the vice versa the happier you are the more productive you are is also true. It is known that first impression is key to success. A successful marketer will be a strategic leader. Marketers life is awesome when you truly love your job.

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