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My first year as a marketer

Written by: Rakhi Mundhada | Vidwaan Voyager 2020 | MBA-I (Marketing) | Indira Institute of Management Pune

 Setting goal is the first step in turning invisible into visible” – Tonny Robins

As the quote states, my first year as a marketer I need to make some plans and set some objectives to understand marketing strategies step-by-step and turn my passion into reality.

Well, I am very new to the field of Marketing. Superior education provides me the requisite skills that marketer needs to rely on; when to utilize and implement it in the real world. It’s really nice to do something that you are passionate about. As soon as I enter into this field of marketing, I need to start working on the following points to understand the entire cycle of marketing.

  1. In the first month, I will focus on communication skill which is demanded in the market because marketing is all about how you present yourself. One should have excellent communication skill will helps to come up with the innovative idea while interacting with potential clients and maintain a strong relationship with them. Communication also help to convince the clients how your products and services will provide long term solutions to their needs and demands.
  2. In the next three months, I need to understand the market as it is the key to success. In this field, knowing the market for example who are your competitors, their product, cost, finding out what exactly is the need of people are the important aspects to understand. This helps to design and develop the product or services. Knowing how your competitors work will also help to improve the product and services and give a business a new advantage.
  3. For this market research is an essential part to analyze all the aspects of the market which also helps to understand the opportunities for me or organization in the market. It involves–gathering information about industry and market environment, customers, competitors, market size and trends, marketing channel, sociographic, business regulation, etc.
  4. After the completion of market research, it is important to make sure that all collected data is purposeful and important for analyzing the next steps. This helps to collect all the relevant data about the market along with its SWOT analysis, which help me to come up with ingenious ideas in next two to three months to differentiate the brand in the huge global market.
  5. After understanding everything it is important to do the positioning of the brand as it is the last step that involves an appeal to customers to buy your product. It also gives clarity about the brand value like what exactly the company is offering to the customers and helps to stand out from the crowd and express how you are different in the market.

Working on above all points helps me to make a successful plan for the first year in the field of Marketing.

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