Reimagining Travel & Tourism Marketing

AJ 1

Written by: Ashok Jaiswar

About the author: Group Head Marketing and Corporate Communications – Greaves Cotton Limited and Ampere Electric

“Even a lone traveller feeds many.” Yes, every time a plane lands, so many cabs run, hotels get occupied, restaurants get full, travel operators thrive & local communities survive. Travel is integral to life & contributes significantly to jobs & economic vitality of the nation.

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Evolution of Payments A journey from Barter to Digital

Shashank Joshi

Written by: Shashank Joshi

About the author: Chairman Sagacious Programming and Development Pvt Ltd.│Ex CEO MoneyonMobile

In the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed. – Charles Darwin
Human beings have evolved over the last thousands of years and along with them their ways of life have evolved too. The beginning probably was with hunting to survive that evolved to producing food for survival…….

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Paradigm shift in After-Sales Service – Must know for Marketer


Written by: Rajib Chowdhury

About the author: Business Head – Consumer Durable Service & Revenue

I clearly remember, it was 1985, my dad finally booked our first Refrigerator. The Refrigerator was delivered almost a month after the booking. Unfortunately one decorative plastic cover was found broken. Toll free or customer care concepts were not there even in the imagination of the brands…….

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Pandemic Communications Essentials: What Coronavirus has Taught the Communications Fraternity

Arpan Basu1

Written by: Arpan Basu

About the author: Director Communications at Coca-Cola India and South West Asia

The communications industry is an apt reflection of our time: fast-paced and in need of constant evolution. Especially during crises, well-devised communications can become the quickest tool in ensuring business continuity and responding to unprecedented situations……

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The ‘Main Hoon Na’ Approach to Business


Written by: Mandeep Singh

About the author: CEO & Executive Director at JSL Lifestyle Limited

“If any trouble or anxiety comes your way,
Don’t ever be restless, I am here (I will make sure that it gets fulfilled)…”
The world is moving from product selling to solution selling. Simultaneously, in any work environment, both bosses & subordinates are looking for trustworthy colleagues & specialists, who are resourceful enablers and can get the job done with tenacity, by taking full ownership.

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Key differences between India & GCC Automobile Market: Must know for Marketing & Sales

Sudip Final

Written by: Sudip Banerjee

About the author: Ex Head Muscat Sales – Mazda Oman

Over the past few years, the automobile sector has been stuck in a quagmire, with floundering sales as a result of slowing economy.
The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic could result in vehicle sales plunging further and the recovery path will be slow.

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What comes first Demand or Distribution? A perennial dilemma for FMCG companies.

Praveen Jaipuriar

Written by: Praveen Jaipuriar

About the author: CEO at Continental Coffee Pvt. Limited | ex- Head Marketing – Dabur India Ltd

It was 2015, I was at Chandigarh sitting in a plush office of Mr Juneja. Mr Juneja was the promoter of a hair oil brand Kesh King. The brand was launched somewhere in 2008 and within a short span of 6-7 years attained a turnover of Rs 250-275cr. Mr Juneja believed that it was beyond his means to scale it up further and therefore had put the brand up for sale commanding a valuation of Rs 1800-2000 cr…….

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What To Ask Yourself When Your Business Is Going Through Hard Times

Managing Director | Chief Executive Officer | Automotives | Manufacturing | Engineering

Written by: Ram Parthasarathy

About the author: Managing Director | Chief Executive Officer | Dynalec Controls Pvt. Ltd. | Automotives | Manufacturing | Engineering

When times are good, businesses get by with a lack of systems and controls, and owners think everything is OK with their business. And when a downturn comes along, panic sets in. Here are some questions to ask yourself when facing hard times, actually even if times are good……

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Healthcare Marketing: Priorities to meet the changed market needs


Written by: Jasrita Dhir

About the author: Head – Brand, Marketing & CSR at Fortis Healthcare

Healthcare marketing has always required a specialised skill-set considering healthcare is a ‘grudge-category’. However, never has healthcare marketing been under the kind of pressure that it has been, in the last couple of years…..

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Why Small is the New Big for Gen-N?

Ashok Jaiswar1

Written by: Ashok Jaiswar

About the author: Group Head Marketing and Corporate Communications – Greaves Cotton Limited and Ampere Electric

The daily life has been almost dysfunctional in the last 6 months & higher impetus to products that can restore wellness & health has been on a spike. Immunity boosters, comfort foods, essential groceries, health drinks, fitness products all have gained massive significance over conventional purchases……

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Practical Guide to Distribution Sales–Chapter-1 (Channel Partner Selection – Part II)

Niraj Pattarkine 1

Written by: Niraj Pattarkine

About the author: Business Head | Sales & Marketing | Retail & Franchisee Operations | Projects

Chapter 1 – Key factors to look for in a Channel Partner (Part II)
In the previous chapter we have covered the Personal Profile of the Distributor, which is the softer part of the assessment while appointing a new Channel Partner. Now, let’s discuss the “Business Profile” part, which would vary greatly based on product, industry, market strategy etc, however, generic factors are covered below……….

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How to enhance Sale in “Others Category”

Rajendra Singh Sisodia 1

Written by: Rajendra Singh Sisodia

About the author: ex Executive Director, Indian Oil Corporation | Chairman, Bitumen India Forum | Strategic Advisor & Consultant | Globally acclaimed Speaker | Mentor to Startups | LinkedIn 19000+

In all high level review meetings either the focus is on to increase the sale/ Market Share or to firm up strategies/action plans for 20% customers who contribute 80% of the total volume. In most of the cases almost all the time is devoted in discussion of Sale to top 20% customers & practically no time for discussion on “Others Category” customers/ sales………

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