Career Progression Amidst Disruption


Over the last three decades, many events have been marked as disruptive, such as

Globalization, Computers and automation, Consumer Finance, Opening up of economy in 90’s

Mobile penetration, growth in internet coverage, banking, services in the first decade of 21st century

Shared services, Digital Payment system, E-commerce, Co-ownership, Cloud, SaaS, Digital disruption, focus on environment and the latest COVID 19 in the decade 2010-20

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What To Ask Yourself When Your Business Is Going Through Hard Times

When times are good, businesses get by with a lack of systems and controls, and owners think everything is OK with their business. And when a downturn comes along, panic sets in. Here are some questions to ask yourself when facing hard times, actually even if times are good. This is a list of questions which every business owner or management needs to ask and answer as objectively as possible. The answers will directly point to weaknesses in the business, and solutions will become suddenly visible.

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How To Make An Effective Presentation

The ability to make an effective presentation is an important, yet often overlooked, skill. 

How often have we had to sit through a presentation where the presenter puts up slide after slide and fumblingly reads through line by line.  Is there value in this?  I think not.  You may as well email the presentation to the attendees.  So what makes a good presentation different from a mundane one?

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What is a good Marketing Person?

Unlike many skill sets within an organization, marketing is primarily a soft skill.  So, obviously, when hiring a marketing person, soft skills should receive priority. Some basic things to look out for:


Is the person being interviewed comfortable with communicating in the local language of the area they are being hired for?  And, of course, also comfortable with spoken and written English?

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The Importance of Ethics In Marketing

In the hustle to sell, the aspect of professional ethics in marketing is often overlooked.  However, this is a critical element if one wishes to achieve consistent success in marketing.

Professional ethics in any field demands that we be honest and truthful with the customer and with ourselves.  We should neither overstate the merits of our product nor undermine or run down a competitor’s product.

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The Most Important Factor In Sales – Mindset

Hundreds of books have been written on these topics, and are part of standard sales training programs. This piece will focus on most important, but often ignored topic – MINDSET.

Most failures in sales are driven due to salespersons’ excessive focus on tactics and techniques, in absence of the right Mindset. And having the right Mindset is likely to drive your success no just in sales, but in life.

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Why is Attention Management the New Time Management?

“Lost yesterday, somewhere between sunrise and sunset,

Two golden hours, each set with sixty diamond minutes.

No reward offered, for they are gone forever.”

I was first introduced to the concept of time management way back when there were few things to distract me and compete for my attention. Read the newspaper, daydream, or congregate around the good old water cooler or fountain, depending on what type of company you have worked for, to hook up to the office grapevine

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