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Packaging: A True Salesman

Written by: Sanjay Gupta
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Packaging is the art, science and technology of wrapping, protecting and showcasing products for consumer centric, commercially viable manufacturing, distribution, storage, movement, sale and use with ease for ultimate satisfaction and delight to consumer.

  • Packaging is the mirror image of any product or an organization
  • Packaging is an important attribute which cannot be deleted, fast-forwarded or skipped but have to be experienced as a personal emotion
  • Packaging is certainly the last point or time an organization has an opportunity to ‘touch’ the consumer

““Let’s make Packaging Salesperson and Spokesperson of a Product or an organization””

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Packaging is certainly instrumental in increase or decrease of sales

Study shows that purchase decisions of 7 out of 10 consumers are influenced by packaging and it becomes very important for organizations to consider their packaging not just from a functional showcase but also from that of marketing and sales point of view.

Product packaging has been the most significant marketing tool which helps in communicating and influencing the behavior of customers. The packaging is the first visible thing in a product that communicates the massage of a brand and shows why a particular product is better than the other alternatives.

Packaging can even be an effective online marketing tool. Customers may share images of aesthetically pleasing or unique packaging on social media, which helps to boost awareness of your brand and serves as something of a recommendation from the customer posting the image. In a recent survey, 39 percent of online shoppers said they’d shared a photo or video of a new product, and 60 percent said they’d be more likely to do so if it arrived in a gift-like box instead of a traditional brown box. 

Unboxing videos, in which someone opens a product package, are also popular. Among the survey respondents, 35 percent said they had watched an unboxing video, and 55 percent of those respondents said that the video convinced them to purchase the product.

Packaging attracts consumers and increases its sale. It also reduces the marketing and advertisement cost of the product. 

  • The packaging color has the positive relation with the consumers as the consumer’s attract towards the dark and attractive colors and mostly they buy the products
  • The packaging material has a negative relation with the consumer’s buying behavior
  • Design plays a very important role in packaging as it capture the attention of the consumers by its unique and different styles. Hence it has a positive relation with the consumer’s buying behavior
  • People want some new creations which attract them and change their perception towards the brand. After the findings of the research it is highly recommended to all the FMCG companies to focus on the good and attractive packaging’s which introduce any new product in the market

It is recommended that marketers do not think that packaging is the least factor in the success of any product. They should keep in mind that the packaging is the first most tool for attracting the consumer’s to build a perception in their minds.


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  1. Nice article sir.. About packaging.. Quality is most important with un disturbing schemes.. Marketing is easily will go and reach our aim.. First what the customer is need.. Company will think.. That’s only good way for marketing

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