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Uncertain Times – What’s In Our Control?

Written by: Raja Chakraborty
About the author: Business Director – Luxury Grooming, Raymond Consumer Care |  Strategy | P&L | FMCG | Consumer Goods

Have you ever felt when someone is talking to you and you are trying to concentrate but multiple thoughts emerge in your mind and you struggle to concentrate. It has happened with me multiple times and I always felt these are just thoughts. But the reality is if we can control our thoughts a lot can change in our everyday lives.

Our Upanishads have taught us for centuries that Human Mind and Soul are two different entities. Our minds are always driven by the past experiences or uncertainty of the future. Hence, almost every second our mind develops thoughts which is either driven by the experience from the past or the uncertainty of the future. But the fact is neither the past nor the future is in our control. What is in our control is only ‘The Present’. Most Human Beings however on this earth focus less on what is in their control and feel concerned based on thoughts that are not in their control.

In uncertain times like we are experiencing now it is quite natural that our mind will develop only negative thoughts based on an unknown future thus it will push us to feel anxious and thus behave erratically.

It’s a choice we have to make in these uncertain times. Do we keep feeling anxious and spread the panic among people in our work place and among our family members or we assess the situation, keeping our anxieties aside and channelize our thoughts to take decisive actions that we believe can help us overcome the situation.

In our personal lives take stock of our personal savings. Be cautious of our expenditures. Look at how you can have more liquidity so that you can fight uncertainty. While at work place look at newer solutions, diversify your portfolio fast, work closely with your customers, and help each other to ensure together we can fight the uncertain times with greater confidence.

While its human behaviour to feel anxious only a very few keep control over their minds and channelize their thoughts to stay focused in the present and think of what they can do now and those people always come up as winners no matter what the situation is.

In this uncertain times if we remember this simple philosophy and believe in the POWER OF NOW, we can be assured no matter how difficult our challenges are we will always trump them.


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