Making Things Simple


Written by: Dr Shreekant Vijaykar

About the author: Director of Asia Operations at COPC Inc.

Consider that you have to buy something for yourself. Say you are looking for one of those work-from-home chairs. Sitting in your current, wooden chair is getting rather uncomfortable. So you give a quick scan on the net, find some interesting options, and then try to purchase one that was rated well……..

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Prospecting in a Cluttered World And (The Lost Art of Telephone Prospecting)


Written by: Tariq Jarrar

About the author: Group Executive Director and Co-Founder of Devmark Group – Dubai. United Arab Emirates

In this part of Prospecting in a Cluttered World, I will cover the anatomy of telephone prospecting.
“Every single time you pick up the phone, you’re getting closer to a yes.” Stephan Schiffman……

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Should Customer Service Professionals be Worried about “Customer Loyalty”?


Written by: Rajib Chowdhury

About the author: Business Head – Consumer Durable Service & Revenue

I had a colleague who was a die-hard fan of Thums-up. We used to travel together a lot. But I never saw him coming out of a Dhaba or roadside restaurant in disappointment since there were no Thums-up available……..

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Digital Marketing in Healthcare


Written by: Dr. Maya Sharma

About the author: Global Medical Director (Win Medicare, Modi Mundipharma & Signutra) | Ex AstraZeneca, Abbott, Philips

“Pharma Marketing is not my fancy, I want to work in FMCG sector, which has enough space to accommodate my creative juices, speed for the adrenaline rush, competitive intelligence inputs to keep me on my toes” – expressed my marketing colleague………

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Why Engineers Should Get B2B Sales Experience!


Written by: Krishnakumar Ramanathan

About the author: Vice President – Sales (Transmission) at Siemens Limited.

This article is for all young engineers considering a stint or career in B2B sales functions. There are a number of misconceptions usually attributed to Sales and Marketing (ref. above image). This is probably because the impact of sales is felt across any organisation and sales professionals are more visible……..

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Winning Attitude ….A Must In Sales


Written by: Ajay Saraf

About the author: Senior Vice President and Head Project Business at Panasonic Life Solutions

If I may start with the literal meaning of ATTITUDE it goes something like as follows
“Attitude refers to an individual’s mental state, which is based on his/her beliefs or value system, the emotions and the tendency to act and behave in a certain fashion. One’s attitude reflects how he or she thinks, feels and behaves in a given situation in hand”

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Are Marketers Over Obsessed With The 5th P.

Praveen Jaipuriar

Written by: Praveen Jaipuriar

About the author: CEO at Continental Coffee Pvt. Limited | ex- Head Marketing – Dabur India Ltd

The 5th P that I am referring to here is the packaging. Packaging has undergone huge changes in the last couple of decades. Simple rounds have become curvaceous, adding aesthetics and convenience at the same time, single colour labels have become multicolour with options of a gloss look or matt finish, and so on……..

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Industry 4.0, Its Challenges and a Sellers Perspective


Written by: Nimish Danani

About the author: Director at Hitachi Vantara

There is a shift in an era – pre covid to post covid.
Covid -19 scenario has helped the industry realize the benefit of going Digital. Last 5 to 6 years there has been this wave or hype around industry 4.0. Primarily we see the application of Digital technologies to enable industry 4.0…..

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Things Not To Do In Sales


Written by: Ananda Chatterjee

About the author: National Sales Head – Opple Lighting India Pvt Ltd.

Everyone tells us “How to crack a sale” “How to make a Sales Call” “How to improve your strike ratio” but does anybody tell you “What Not to do in sales”?
90% of sales call do not materialize because customer didn’t like what you offered but because the way you offered……..

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Prospecting in a Cluttered World And (Part 1 The 4 Universal Principles of Prospecting)


Written by: Tariq Jarrar

About the author: Seasoned Sales Leader and Accomplished Bilingual Coach

“The brutal fact is the number one reason for failure in sales is an empty pipeline, and the root cause of an empty pipeline is the failure to prospect.” ― Jeb Blount.
Prospecting has and will always be the most critical activity or discipline in sales—it what separates the superstars from the ones that are scraping by on second hand, hand-me-down leads……

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The Mindset of a Salesperson

Sunil Thekkepat-Final

Written by: Sunil Thekkepat

About the author: National Business Head & Sr Vice President |Over two decades of Corporate experience ; voracious reader, an avid traveler and a connoisseur of good things in life !

It’s often said that at the core, everyone is a Salesperson. Irrespective of the work, level or the profession you are in, as long as you are dealing with people, you are selling something. Hence, shouldn’t sales be second nature to all?…

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Digital – Too Fast to Comprehend, too Pervasive to Ignore!

Trupti Bhandari 2

Written by: Trupti Bhandari

About the author: Global Business Leader│Ex-EVP GSK, Reckitt Benckiser, Pfizer, B&L│Author, Life and executive coach

‘Boss, we will understand the data signals, optimize our search, do some data management, integrate AI, set an evaluation metric …’ a young trainee exults as I look on, wondering whether he can connect the dots……

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Reimagining Travel & Tourism Marketing

AJ 1

Written by: Ashok Jaiswar

About the author: Group Head Marketing and Corporate Communications – Greaves Cotton Limited and Ampere Electric

“Even a lone traveller feeds many.” Yes, every time a plane lands, so many cabs run, hotels get occupied, restaurants get full, travel operators thrive & local communities survive. Travel is integral to life & contributes significantly to jobs & economic vitality of the nation.

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Evolution of Payments A journey from Barter to Digital

Shashank Joshi

Written by: Shashank Joshi

About the author: Chairman Sagacious Programming and Development Pvt Ltd.│Ex CEO MoneyonMobile

In the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed. – Charles Darwin
Human beings have evolved over the last thousands of years and along with them their ways of life have evolved too. The beginning probably was with hunting to survive that evolved to producing food for survival…….

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The Keystone of Marketing Strategy: CVP

over three decades of experience in Marketing & Sales in industry sectors ranging from transport fuels, lubricants, entertainment and FMCG. He has worked in global markets across 5 continents, and currently works as a Senior Vice President in India

Written by: Ashish Kothari

About the author: Ashish Kothari has over three decades of experience in Marketing & Sales in industry sectors ranging from transport fuels, lubricants, entertainment and FMCG. He has worked in global markets across 5 continents, and currently works as a Senior Vice President in India

Joe Saldana glanced at his watch a third and final time as he eased into the corner table at Moonbucks Coffee. Relieved that he was well in time for his 11 o’clock appointment with Mr. Mehra, (his premier prospect for a lucrative endowment policy), Joe pulled out his carefully prepared benefit illustrations just as his client walked in….

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