Winning Attitude ….A Must In Sales


Written by: Ajay Saraf

About the author: Senior Vice President and Head Project Business at Panasonic Life Solutions

If I may start with the literal meaning of ATTITUDE it goes something like as follows
“Attitude refers to an individual’s mental state, which is based on his/her beliefs or value system, the emotions and the tendency to act and behave in a certain fashion. One’s attitude reflects how he or she thinks, feels and behaves in a given situation in hand”

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Effective Sales team can create great synergy with BTL campaigns


Written by: Debasish Satpathy

About the author: Vice President at Schaeffler India – Head of Automotive Aftermarket

What’s next? A key question by garages, workshops, and automotive retailers. Mind space of customers is further cluttered in the current situation. In any case, there were topics of BS VI impact, Electronics proliferation in Vehicle components, E-vehicles repairability in aftermarket, E-commerce disruption, Technical competency (or lack of it), ability to compete with OE backed service stations etc occupying the mind space of aftermarket intermediaries.

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