Usefulness and Ease of Use: Two Mantras for Successful SST (self-service technologies) to Improving Brand Loyalty

Recently, a five-year-old story went viral once again about how McDonald’s reported that restaurants that introduced self-ordering kiosks experienced an average of 5-6% increase in sales. This is not just about them. When Chili’s added self-ordering kiosks to its tables a few years ago, the chain too saw a massive 20%increase in dessert sales.

We have seen these self-ordering kiosks and tabs in a few cinemas and restaurants as well, and in principle, self-ordering would seem like a natural solution that provides a win-win. I, for one, being a foodie, find the self-ordering solution delightful. I can choose what I want, at the pace I want, change my order, customize it if required, with no one to judge or look over my shoulder. And what more, there is one less social interaction! For a foodie and an introvert at that ,this is a blessing.

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Showbiz During Pandemic- A Media And Entertainment Perspective

The COVID-19 pandemic began at a time of increasing global economic vulnerability. There were already genuine concerns of falling consumption levels and investment alongside rising unemployment. Brexit and the U.S-China trade war hadn’t helped and there was a palpable sense of uncertainty.

Most indicators now suggest that some of the largest economies stand on the precipice of the greatest real recession in nearly 100 years.

As far-fetched as it seems right now though, there will be a recovery and people are already asking: how different will the post-COVID-19 era be from the one we knew earlier? The most tangible effect we see is on technology adoption and general versatility with digital commerce and content. We anticipate a considerable acceleration on both fronts for individuals and businesses, which should hopefully do as much for financial inclusion and e-governance, as for streaming services.

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Digital Marketing in Healthcare

“Pharma Marketing is not my fancy, I want to work in FMCG sector, which has enough space to accommodate my creative juices, speed for the adrenaline rush, competitive intelligence inputs to keep me on my toes”- expressed my marketing colleague. Having worked with the best names in Pharmaceuticals, Medical Nutrition, Medical Devices segments, I – a pharmaceutical physician, have come across creme-de-la-creme of marketing. But to my surprise ,Healthcare Marketing was not their first love. They used to aspire for FMCG, FMCD sectors.

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Marketing & Sales Organisation Objectives During COVID 19 Times

What makes sense now, the upper funnel should be the focus of most marketing teams in the coming months. Marketers have to keep tracking the trends throughout the customer journey and digital marketers may have to focus more on the organizational sales and marketing strategy and not just on, dull brand, product or service marketing calendar initiatives.

The sales objective is to pursue quality leads and the marketing objective is to generate leads that sales can later qualify and pursue, in turn, the marketing team need to innovate new way and solutions which works for the sales lead management funnelling.

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