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My first year as a Marketer

Written by: Omkar Deshmukh | Vidwaan Voyager 2020 | MBA | JSIMR, Pune

I had developed interest in Entrepreneurship since I had been graduated from my Bachelor’s degree. I was always keen about doing business and knowing what the prospects and trends are going on in the business. By seeing people working in small organizations and corporate sectors I had developed communication skills, management skills, critical thinking, teamwork and leadership skills. These all skills are important and integral part of any business. The basic role of a marketer is to show the company a positive approach, by showing effectiveness in all the skills required to fullfill the required task and objective in order to make profit for the company

As a marketer, should possess knowledge of different marketing strategies in different areas depending upon the type of business. A marketer should have good statistical knowledge and customers problem solving ability in order to resolve the issue. should generate creative thinking ability to overcome the problems and profits when the company is in loss. Time also is a key aspect as marketer to follow in his principles. Completing tasks and objectives of an organization in required period of time in terms of market sells and profits can ease things for the organization.

Thus, we can state that marketing is the process by which the products are made available to the ultimate consumer from their point of origin. It consists of all those activities which are meant to ensure the flow of goods and services from the producer to the consumer. In economic terms, marketing covers those activities which relate to the creation of time, place, and possession utilities. Marketing, therefore, is nothing but performance of business activities that direct the flow of goods and services from producer to the consumer.

The twin aspects of quality and price, which are essential elements of a total marketing concept, are necessary for the fullest satisfaction of consumers. it is felt that the factors of high technology, rigid product-quality standards, and the future generation technicians having cost consciousness will greatly contribute to the attainment of consumer satisfaction with the advent of twenty-first century. This likelihood can be discerned from the government’s initiative and the efforts of professionals in this direction.

Although market orientation has become a very common knowledge in the organization nowadays, there are still some parts of organization- especially the small and medium enterprises remain in the period of production or sale orientation because of the lack of understanding of marketing.

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