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My first year as a Marketer

Written by: Abbas Masalawala | Vidwaan Voyager 2020 | Post Graduate | Christ University

Today marks my last day of first year as marketer and I am happy and satisfied in the progress I have made as marketer. So, on this remarkable day I thought of sharing this one-year experience and learnings with the people.

After graduating from major in finance I found out finance is not my interest lies in, and I took marketing as career. In college and institution marketing is simple though it has lot of theory which leads to decision making.

In a real corporate world, it different, marketers use data to validate the decision they make, but still they are decisions and it takes guts to have faith on data and make decision and indulged those new strategies for business and especially when those strategies are of high-end values.

Marketing is a very cross departmental function; some marketing people are connected with finance to get funds approved while other is connected with sales department and so on. There is confusion among marketers about what exactly it is. And yeah everybody thinks the end goal of marketer is to sell but that not what it is, marketing is about knowing customer and its journey, influencing price of product keeping in mind cost, ensuring humans rights policies from HR to ensure customer expectation and fulfil their demand. So, we can say a marketer must have knowledge about each department and not just selling.

Marketing career

Getting into marketing is easy but how to make big in it for your career is all together different ballgame. Looking at some figures saying marketing is booming with opportunities and all are true but for a beginner it’s a challenge. And here are some suggestion to make it up from my first year experience


Technology has changed the way we reach to market and hence requires good skills whether it is written verbal or virtual communication skills. So, marketer needs to improve communication skills on regular basis.

Specialize and Networking

Marketing has a lot of area and beginner need to identify and become specialized in one and with that networking is area you need to look. As marketers you need data about market and those data will cost you a lot if you think to buy so the back rod to derive data is networking.

Grow the portfolio

Works on different project in different industry this will sharpen your skills and grow opportunities which impact your work portfolio.

Grow big with data

In this current dynamic market the marketer has to grow with data and it’s the only option. Marketer should possess the analytical skill and should be able to extract insights from data to make strategies.

Build your BRAND

At last I would say have the skills choose a specialisation build a network work on your work portfolio and you would come out as a brand.

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