Winning Attitude ….A Must In Sales


Written by: Ajay Saraf

About the author: Senior Vice President and Head Project Business at Panasonic Life Solutions

If I may start with the literal meaning of ATTITUDE it goes something like as follows
“Attitude refers to an individual’s mental state, which is based on his/her beliefs or value system, the emotions and the tendency to act and behave in a certain fashion. One’s attitude reflects how he or she thinks, feels and behaves in a given situation in hand”

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Things Not To Do In Sales


Written by: Ananda Chatterjee

About the author: National Sales Head – Opple Lighting India Pvt Ltd.

Everyone tells us “How to crack a sale” “How to make a Sales Call” “How to improve your strike ratio” but does anybody tell you “What Not to do in sales”?
90% of sales call do not materialize because customer didn’t like what you offered but because the way you offered……..

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