Winning Attitude ….A Must In Sales


Written by: Ajay Saraf

About the author: Senior Vice President and Head Project Business at Panasonic Life Solutions

If I may start with the literal meaning of ATTITUDE it goes something like as follows
“Attitude refers to an individual’s mental state, which is based on his/her beliefs or value system, the emotions and the tendency to act and behave in a certain fashion. One’s attitude reflects how he or she thinks, feels and behaves in a given situation in hand”

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Dilip’s Masterclass, my primer in selling

Debabratha Banerjee

Written by: Debabratha Banerjee

About the author: >Debabratha Banerjee │32 years, in Sales, Marketing & International Business

It was early January of 1985, when I landed in Kolkata on my new assignment with Godrej Soaps Ltd( as Godrej Consumer Products, or GCPL, was known then), as a Sales executive. Winter chill pervaded the air, and signs of New Year revelry were visible everywhere, more so on the famed Park Street….

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Building emotional connect with buyer through stories

Ramesh Patodia1

Written by: Ramesh Patodia

About the author: CEO at Ambrosia Nutrition Pvt Ltd.│30+ years of experience in sales & business

Emotional connection is what you need to sell your product or service.
People make buying decisions emotionally and justify it logically. If you don’t connect with prospects on an emotional level, they won’t buy.
So, how do you build an emotional connection with both prospects and customers…..

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